Observer Pattern example in Javascript

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This is an example of observer pattern in Javascript with the example of weather updates. Kindly wrap this function in
(function(window) {IFFE})(window);

var weatherForcast = {

        /* observer is a list of subscribers.*/
    observers: [],

        /*weatherChange function will have updated weather*/
    weatherChange: function (weather) {
        for (var i = 0; i < this.observers.length; i++) {

    /* subscribe function will add a subscriber in observer's list.*/
    subscribe: function (widget) {
        var self=this;
        return function(){
                self.observers.splice(self.observers.indexOf(widget), 1);

    /* Unsubscribe function will remove a subscriber from observer's list.*/
    unsubscribe: function(){
        this.observers.splice(this.observers.indexOf(Widget), 1)

/* Constructor function for Widget(Subscribers).*/
function Widget(name){
    this.name = name;

/* function to update all the Subscribers when weather change.*/
Widget.prototype.updateUI = function(weather){
    console.log('Weather in ' + this.name + ' is ' + weather + '\xB0C');

/* Creating widgets using constructor function*/
var x1 = new Widget('New Delhi');
var x2 = new Widget('Gurgaon');
var x3 = new Widget('Faridabad');

/* Subscribing for weather updates*/
var unsubx1 = weatherForcast.subscribe(x1);
var unsubx2 = weatherForcast.subscribe(x2);
var unsubx3 = weatherForcast.subscribe(x3);

/* weather updated */


    /* unsubscribing one widget */

/* weather updated */

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