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Getting started with Jupyter Notebooks

I love to explore around some technology over the weekend.
This time around I tried out Jupyter Notebooks using Python VS Code extension.

So things you need:-

To start off with, I tried to make some make REST API calls using Jupyter nb in VS code so I picked up Github Rest Apis.

The file extension for Jupyter notebook is .ipynb

Since some of the Github Apis doesn't require to have authentication to access the data, I selected Github users API.

Steps to get the API response

  1. In the first cell, import the requests module inside the notebook
    Alt Text

  2. Declare the constants for endpoint
    Alt Text

  3. Make an API call using "requests" module
    Alt Text

  4. Get back the response and access it via response.text
    Alt Text

You can see how I did this in the below example:-

Alt Text

Hope you enjoyed this article. I will come up with new tech learning articles.

Thanks for reading this.

Happy learning!!

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