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Once upon a time, installing Ubuntu + Windows dual boot on Legion Y530

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This will be a long story for those who find themselves in a situation when dual boot Ubuntu + Windows doesn’t work as expected.
So let’s get started. I recently got a new laptop Lenovo legion Y530 for software development. Since I love Linux OS due to its features and usability when it comes to Software development, I thought to install Ubuntu 18.04 along with Windows will be a cakewalk.

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As it turned out it was a nightmare, reasons:

Legion laptop has preinstalled Windows with an Nvidia graphics card.
Tech specs like 32GB RAM, i7core8th gen processor. Less battery life since it is a gaming laptop.

I came to know from many articles that with this laptop you need to take extra care in terms of how you set up the Linux distro along with Win10.
So I went ahead and installed Linux along with Windows with all partitions in place.

But two days later the system started behaving weirdly. I used to get into the login loop in Ubuntu meaning when I tried to log in with the correct password it does not log me in but it again comes back to the login screen without any error which pissed me off.

Then I found online some ways to mitigate this issue but some worked for a short duration like changing the password etc.

Important things to remember

You need to download all the necessary drivers so that Linux works smoothly.
Setup in a way so that you can remove Ubuntu easily later from the machine.
Though in the past I had installed Ubuntu along with windows many times this situation was kind of weird and challenging for me.

After successful installation, I had started installed all the required software tools for development which worked for at least 3 days until the apocalypse arrived ☺

As a backup, I had windows running alongside. Due to inconsistent performance, I had to go back to Windows only ways of working 😢

Long story short it was hell a lot of learning.

I would encourage you to get your hands dirty with Ubuntu + Windows setup and get some experience with how things work and why so.
Keep learning.

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Sultan Al Isaiee

Am about to buy a used machine, Have you had any update on this for using Linux in this machine?

nitinreddy3 profile image
Nitin Reddy

Is it a Lenovo legion y530?

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yogesh dhanuka

In my case,after dual booting ubuntu it would just randomly freeze leaving force power shutdown as the only option to exit from that scenario. Did you find a solution to this?