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Data Visualization with JS

In this blog, we will talk about Data Visualization JS Frameworks.

JS frameworks for data visualization

Currently, there is a number of data-visualization JS Frameworks/libraries available in the market. Notable tools are

These tools are popular ones. There are other tools as well. These tools are really good in terms of the application that we can build where you have data analysis in place.

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Why do we need these tools or libraries?

Nowadays many firms are using graphs and charts as a major weapon for data visualization as modern web applications have become sleek and fast. It kind of makes sense to have tools that we can use to visualize meaning data.

These tools are majorly used in Financial institutions, Data science, Social media platforms.

These tools provide animations, different ways of representation.

Compatibility of these D.V JS tools with UI frameworks and libraries

One of the questions that come to our mind when we build a web application that whether the D.V library will be compatible with the UI library or not. No worries, nowadays the web UI libraries and frameworks are mostly compatible with the D.V tool and vice versa.

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For example :

D3JS - This framework is the revelation and it is compatible with all the modern web toolkits.

You can find the installation options available for D3JS on npm or on their official website.

Angular, React and Vue, all these frameworks/libraries support graph visualization tools. They have dedicated components specific to React and Angular.

Developer friendly - the Learning curve

To learn a new technology you need to dedicate some amount of time say two to three months if you want to master it.

Most developers prefer to get started in an unorthodox fashion by jumping to the tutorial videos of the tools. It is advisable to developers that whenever they start learning a new technology they should refer to the official documentation because most of the times official documentation provides you the minute details that a tutorial may not.

11 JavaScript Data Visualization Libraries in 2019

I have kept the article short so that I don't crap out - just kidding. I will keep coming up with new topics and articles. Please share if you like the article that will be an encouraging factor for me.

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