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Asp.Net Core MVC Complete, free and step by step video tutorial by Nitish

Welcome to Asp.Net Core MVC tutorial. This is a complete and step by step tutorial for all the developers.

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You can learn Asp.Net Core MVC tutorial from WebGentle YouTube channel free of cost.
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Who can learn from this tutorial:

All professionals who want to start their career in core framework and want to add new skill in their bucket, can learn core from this tutorial.

  • Fresher
  • Experienced
  • Anyone who has basic knowledge of programming

Key features of this course:

  • Free of cost - No need to pay anything
  • Complete and step by step solution
  • English language - Tutorial is available in English language
  • Excellent combination of Theory, practical example & Live application.


No special knowledge is required for this tutorial. But it will be helpful if have basic knowledge of

  • C# (Class, Method, Property etc.)
  • OOPS Concepts
  • HTML & CSS

List of all the videos:

  1. Asp.Net Core MVC 3.1 course overview
  2. What is .Net Core & ASP.NET Core
  3. Setting up dot net core machine development
  4. How to create core mvc web application (using Visual Studio 2019 & CLI)
  5. What is MVC pattern (model view controller architecture) in .net core
  6. Convert console application to web application in core
  7. Setup application on GitHub repository
  8. Middleware in Core or app.Use(), app.Next(), app.Map()
  9. launchsettings.json in Asp.Net Core
  10. Environment variables in core
  11. Setup MVC in .Net Core application using AddControllersWithViews method
  12. AddMVC() vs AddControllersWithViews() vs AddControllers() vs AddRazorPages()
  13. Controller in Asp.Net Core MVC
  14. Model in Asp.Net core
  15. View in core application
  16. How controller finds a view (View Discovery) or Different way to return view from action method
  17. Razor ViewEngine in Asp.Net Core
  18. Conditional statements (If, Else, Ternary Operator, Switch) in Razor
  19. For & ForEach Loop in Razor Syntax
  20. Static files (Img, css & js) in core
  21. How to install & use client side library (jQuery & Bootstrap) in core
  22. Razor file compilation in core
  23. Layout in core
  24. Design a responsive home page for real-time application (Book Store)
  25. How to add navigation bar (navbar) in core application
  26. How to add footer in core application
  27. Display Model list data on view in Asp.Net Core
  28. RenderSection & Section in Asp.Net Core
  29. Design and develop a product detail page in core
  30. _ViewStart.cshtml file in asp.Net core
  31. _ViewImports file in core
  32. ViewBag in Asp.Net Core MVC
  33. ViewData in Asp.Net Core
  34. ViewData Attribute in Asp.Net Core
  35. Dynamic views in core
  36. Tag helpers in core
  37. Anchor Tag helper in Asp.Net Core
  38. Image tag helper in core
  39. Environment tag helper in core
  40. Link tag helper in core
  41. Create form in core
  42. What is Entity Framework Core
  43. How to install entity framework (ef) core
  44. How to setup DbContext class in entity framework core
  45. Generate database using entity framework core CLI
  46. Insert data in database using entity framework core
  47. Making Async call using entity framework core
  48. Get list of data from database using entity framework core
  49. Get details of book from database
  50. Model validations in core
  51. Validation summary (asp-validation-summary attribute) in core
  52. DataType attribute in core (Generate form fields from model)
  53. Dropdown in core (Create drop down using option tag)
  54. Dropdown in core with text and value property
  55. Dropdown in core using SelectList
  56. Create dropdown in core with text and value using SelectList
  57. Create dropdown in core using SelectListItem
  58. Create group in core dropdown (SelectListGroup)
  59. Multiselect dropdown in core
  60. Create dropdown using Enum in core
  61. Get and save dropdown data in database
  62. Custom Validation Attribute in core
  63. Custom tag helper in core
  64. Override existing html tag in core
  65. Client side validation in core using unobtrusive js
  66. Using jQuery Unobtrusive AJAX in ASP.NET Core
  67. Upload file (image) in core mvc, IFormFile in core
  68. Save image URL in database and display image on view
  69. Upload multiple images in asp net core
  70. Upload and view a pdf file in core
  71. Partial view in core
  72. Partial tag helper vs Partial vs PartialAsync vs RenderPartial vs RenderPartialAsync
  73. View Components in core
  74. How to get data from database and use in View Component in core
  75. How to pass parameters in view components in core
  76. Routing in core
  77. Attribute routing in core
  78. Route constraints in core
  79. Dependency Injection in core
  80. Dependency injection in view (cshtml) file
  81. appsettings.json file in core
  82. Connection string in appsettings.json in core
  83. Read configuration using GetValue method from appsettings.json file
  84. Read configuration using GetSection method from appsettings.json file
  85. Binding Configuration to objects using Bind method
  86. Read configuration using option pattern (IOptions) from appsettings
  87. Reloading configuration using IOptionsSnapshot() in core
  88. Reload configuration in singleton service
  89. Named options in core
  90. IOption vs IOptionsSnapshot vs IOptionsMonitor
  91. Install Identity Core and generate Identity Core tables in database
  92. Design a registration (Signup) page in core
  93. Signup in core
  94. Add columns to aspnetusers table
  95. Configure the password complexity in Identity core
  96. Login in core using Identity core framework from scratch
  97. Logout in core
  98. Authorize attribute in core (How to secure an action method)
  99. Redirect user to login page (custom login url)
  100. ReturnUrl without using hidden field
  101. Claims in core identity (Display full name of logged-in user)
  102. Get logged-in user id in controller
  103. Change password in core identity
  104. Create custom SMTP email service in core
  105. Send email from core application using SMTP
  106. Send dynamic data (placeholders) in email from core app
  107. Allow only verified emails (accounts) to login
  108. Generate email confirmation token and send email to the user in core
  109. Click on link from email to verify the user email
  110. Resend email confirmation (verification) email in core
  111. Forgot password (Reset password) generate token and send email in core
  112. Forgot (reset) password in core
  113. Area in core
  114. Routing in areas in core mvc
  115. Roles in core (Create roles and manage roles using RoleManager & UserManager)
  116. Bundling and minification in core
  117. User lockout in core (Block user temporarily on wrong password attempt)
  118. Token lifespan in identity core
  119. Filters in core
  120. The End

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