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Nitish Tiwari
Nitish Tiwari

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Learning something new, read this πŸ‘‡

Don't search and accumulate best resources to learn anything. Too much information leads to poverty of attention.

Start learning with documentation, (it's the best source to learn anything) it's difficult, I know. But once you're comfortable with it, there's nothing like that.

Don't stuck in learning loop; build something, whether it's small (even a program to convert temperature unit, a simple bash script, a static web page) or big (an android app, a project around real world problems), it doesn't matters! Building is important! Build projects that matters, to you or community!

Also, try to do some documentation about your project, like how it works? About dependencies? It'll teach you about how real and big projects are developed.

You'll learn more than anything while making a project. Once you're done with it, push it to Github, show your work to the world. Write a blog or make a tutorial about your learnings and findings, share it with the people.

If you're comfortable with the language or tool now, try to find some open-source project around it, look for the issues and try to fix them (it's not that easy but people like you are doing it, and so you also can), make a pull request and get your code merged into that repo. Believe me, once you'll done it successfully, you'll start loving it!

This is the path of growing.

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