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Developing for the Oculus Go with Unity on Mac

I wanted to make a simple VR app for my Oculus Go and had to setup my environment beforehand. This tutorial tries to translate reference tutorial to Mac.


  1. You own an Oculus Go
  2. You own a Mac
  3. Unity installed (In this case: 2019.3.3f1)
  4. Homebrew installed


Homebrew installations

  1. brew cask install android-platform-tools

Plug in your Oculus Go

Since the "allow file access" dialog did not appear once the developer account was enabled, I left it disabled until later.

  1. Plug in your Oculus Go
  2. Allow file access on the Oculus Go
  3. Enable developer mode via the Oculus app
  4. Run add devices on the Mac
  5. Allow access on the Oculus Go

Setting up Unity

When installing Unity via the Hub, make sure to also install the Android tools and Open JDK.

  1. Create a new 3D Project
  2. In Edit > Preferences > External Tools make sure to use the built-in SDK and JDK.
  3. Go To File > Build Settings
  4. Click on Android and "Switch Platform" if necessary
  5. Go To Edit > Project Settings > Player
  6. Enter your Company, scroll to XR Settings and activate "Virtual Reality Support"
  7. Add Oculus via the plus symbol to the right under "Virtual Reality Support"
  8. Still in Edit > Project Settings > Player go to Other Settings and find Graphic APIs.
  9. Remove Vulkan


  1. Go to File > Build Settings
  2. Click Build and Run
  3. Enjoy the VR app

And now?

  1. Use the Oculus Utilities from the asset store
  2. Make a 360 degree image the skybox like here: []
  3. Make a Raycast like here: []


Reference Tutorial

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