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Nitya Narasimhan, Ph.D
Nitya Narasimhan, Ph.D

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#1 - Flutter Camp 2018

Hello and welcome to Flutter-Camp on Medium.

Flutter is now in beta 3. Image Credit: Captured by @nitya at Google IO2018

About this Publication

I recently began my journey exploring the Flutter SDK, first out of curiosity and then out of enthusiasm. Two reasons why — first, I loved the engineering story behind it and their emphasis on performance first; and second, I’ve always wanted to build mobile apps that I could ship to multiple platforms, and this seemed a way to get that list item checked off.

So why this publication?

Well I actually started writing a bit about it in the past few months — some articles on under their #flutter tag and a dedicated Blogger site and Twitter account under a “ Flutter FYI” brand that I hope to build upon and focus on for the long term.

But for the short term, I needed a way to quickly put together notes and resources for a real-world full-day workshop event that I will be co-organizing at Google NYC along with my peer GDG co-organizers from: Rainer (GDG New Haven) and Adam (GDG Hampton Roads). We’re also super fortunate that Will Larche (Flutter team, Material Design Lead) is based out of NYC and will be there to keynote the event and help support our full-day learning after.

Flutter Camp 2018: Learn more at https;//

The goal for the workshop is to get us quickly and rapidly to the point where we’ve learned the basic concepts of Flutter, setup development environments, completed basic codelabs (to reinforce concepts and validate setup) and are ready to think about free-form exploration of ideas as a group.

Show-n-Tell Challenge : In fact we have an interesting idea that we want to try out. Spend the afternoon (1–4pm) extending/modifying a codelab or starting from scratch on a new app — build it out and demo it by 4pm for glory, prizes and community gratitude! That’s the promise of Flutter. That you can actually get up to speed with the tools & concepts in a single morning, and be productive enough by afternoon to show something unique. #LetsDoThis

Want to participate? Register here for an invite but note that the form closes Jun 20. Selected participants will be sent invitations that week and required to confirm their participation within 24 hours or release their seats to wait list. Our hope is to have 100 participants join us for the day, with at least 50 participants making it all the way to the end for the Show-n-Tell challenges. Let’s see how we do.

Alright enough about that.


Check back here for links to articles posted under this publication, gathered into meaningful subtopics..


Please refer to the Flutter Resources for Beginners post — I hope to keep that updated and make it the centralized resource for current and future use.

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