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Niveth Saran
Niveth Saran

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My Journey so far as a Android Dev

Hi everyone, my name is Niveth Saran and this is my first post in this platform. Feedback, suggestions and comments are appreciated so that I can improve on it. I am a final year B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering student from India. I was good at Java, so, I started to learn Android App Dev to develop apps for Android devices.

How I started?

I started learning android from the Udacity courses by google. I learnt about the lifecycles, activities and fragments and other basic stuff. I did mini projects like TODO Lists and Reminder Apps as a beginnner.

Where I started facing trouble?

After learning the above said basics, I tried to contribute to open source projects. Most of these open source projects on github had MVVM architecture which I was unfamiliar with. So many concepts were new to me, at one point I started feeling that, I did it all wrong so far.

What I did next?

I followed a youtube channel named CodingWithMitch and started learning MVVM Architecture, Jetpack Architecture and also a little bit of Kotlin. Now I am pretty clear with the basic concepts and I am trying to work on a proper android project.

Also, I started learning flutter. So many friends of mine started using flutter, So I decided to give it a try and it is really cool and also easy to learn and implement too.

So, that's pretty much about my journey so far in the App Dev domain..

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Benjamin Kadel

Yeh coding with mitch is awesome especially for MVVM clean architecture stuff!
Well done tho matey! hang in there my transition into the MVVM android world was hard fought as well so just hang in there and you will be fine!

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Laszlo Toth


Good to hear from people who learnt from Udacity. ( I finished Android Basics 3 months ago and I learn from Android developer course recently.)

I think it was a good idea from you to contribute to an open source project.

Start a new program language (Kotlin) would make a big mess in my head now so I will stick to Java for a while.

My plan so far is to complete the Advance course from Udacity. But I also want to write some notes, what kind of apps I would like to create, what would be my first steps, so on.
I don't feel confident create apps alone, so my first apps will be something relative easy design and logic. Probably, something typical app what is already exist on Google play. And I try to make a copy of that.

I am sure you will be successful if you create apps for practice.

Good luck

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