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Discussion on: Workspace Wednesday: Show me pics of your at-home setup

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My Workspace Setup

It's a mixed setup of home and office hardware atm, thats why there is the cable mess, but I'm still happy with that :)

  • 3 EIZO monitors
  • Small 'Cooler Master' keyboard
  • Dell mouse
  • RØDE mic
  • Software: VS Code + Teamspeak to speak with my colleagues and Web Radio for cool music
  • The most important thing: COFFEE :D
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Jakob Attkinson

The monitors are amazing. I imagine you work a lot with design and colors?

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I wish I could say yes, but actually I just like to have a lot of space and not always have to change the foreground program. ;D

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Vladi Beeblebrox

What is your choice/opinion about following:

  • size 23-24" vs 27-28" for programming?
  • 4k vs HD?
  • TN vs IPS panels?
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