Hacktoberfest Plans

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Happy Hacktoberfest!

I am happy to be participating this year, and I thought it'd be fun to share my plans:

  1. Moddable — I am working to create a way to send an I2C timeout option for the I2C initialization function, the PR is open and in progress: https://github.com/Moddable-OpenSource/moddable/pull/271
  2. RaverLights — I am working on documenting @nebrius ' side project, RaverLights: https://github.com/nebrius/raver-lights
  3. Keyboard featherwing — @Arturo128 was nice enough to send me a board so that I can add documentation: https://github.com/nodebotanist/keyboard_featherwing_sw

This is my scope for now and I can definitely commit to at least 4 PRs.

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