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Now the future of static sites?

NextJS and Now Time!

Now deployment is on the rise with more and more developers using it. I used it for my brand new Portfolio Page. Its in the works but looks neat for now, its deployed with Now:

GitHub logo nodeicode / landingPage

A simple personal website about myself

Welcome to Landing-Page 👋

Twitter: nodeicode

Profile Page with all my skills, projects and more Information!

🏠 Homepage


  • npm >=6.0.0
  • node >=9.3.0


yarn install
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now dev
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👤 Lohit Aryan

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Made with ❤️ Lohit Aryan

Check it Out! and Lemme know any design ideas I can add, in the comments.

When thinking about NextJS and now you need to remember some keywords:

Static Site, Serverless, Code Splitting.

These are the Super Powers you will get. Building these using Webpack or other frameworks can eat up a whole lot of your time.

Static sites are a lot faster than dynamic sites but harder to change. NextJS will only build your site statically while the rest can be dynamic if you want. Its pretty amazing in terms of speed.

You know when a website takes a while to load and you see a big white screen for a while. Agh :( its horrible.

Alt Text

Why get Slow when you can be Fast - Me 2019

Weekly Posts on any tidbits, techniques or Framework I am interested in!

Lemme know in the comments anything you guys want me to try/check out!

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