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Do you "Really" know JavaScript?


JavaScript is one of the biggest growing programming languages to code on the web. But do you really know JavaScript?

For Example:

var a = "42";
var b = 42; 
a == b;         // true
a === b;        // false
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Wondering why? or for some who might now, have you wondered how much you don't know about JavaScript.

Most People will be shocked too see how useful it can be to learn more about plain JavaScript/ES6+. Yes, even if your using a big time JS framework like Node or React its gonna be a waste without good foundation of the basics.

Alt Text

Object Destructing, Generators, this object; async , parallel, and concurrent functions

and the List goes on, these are only the basics. If you wanna up your JS game then Go BACK TO THE FOUNDATION , give YDKJS (its a free ebook repo) a read and there are many more resources to know about and also go deep into ES6 and the latest features JS is always updated to make your life better no harm in knowing how.


JavaScript is always evolving and faster then you can think of, keep looking into these new features and how they improve performance and not just for info but to know what all your JS code means and how you can improve on it!

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Arber Braja

The real question is, does anyone really know JS?

At this point probably even Brandan Eich doesnt fully know JS.

He is saying to himself, what have i done to the world :p

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Lohit Aryan

Well he gave birth to it guess he didn't parent it well :PP