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I Need a Task Manager -- what do you recommend?

nombrekeff profile image Manolo Edge github logo ・1 min read

Hey there,

I've been looking for a task manager for quite a while now, but I can't find anything that fits all my needs. They always miss something.

What I need:

  • Create/List tasks
  • Dependency between tasks
  • Label tasks
  • Import tasks from other services (ie: Github, GitLab, etc...)
  • Export tasks
  • Create lists (ie: notes from a meeting)
  • Create reminders
  • Create periodic reminders (ie: change chair too standing desk, drink water, etc...)

I could give up some features if it's missing one or two.

Do you use a task manager or now of any good ones?

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I have experimented with probably every system out there, from Emacs ORG mode to Trello to GitHub Tasks to Basecamp and everywhere in between. I am really big on personal knowledge management, so I have been trying to find a system to organize my knowledge and keep track of side projects and life in general.

Notion turned me off with their refusal to implement an API and a roadmap that no one seems to have asked for. It is also a very closed-off platform and sharing things outside of the platform is difficult.

I finally settled upon ClickUp. It is really simple to use and incredibly customizable. There's a Chrome extension you can use to add tasks or clip relevant web pages, and it also has a decent mobile app (at least on Android). It's only $5/mo for the basic plan, and there is an API which makes me happy. It integrates with lots of time tracking systems and GitHub/GitLab, and they have been releasing features I didn't know I wanted almost every week!


Cool, Thanks for the info, I will check out ClickUp. I'm a bit hesitant to pay a monthly fee, although If it works I might be interested! :)


There's also a free version, you are limited to 100MB of storage and miss out on the integrations, but you can write as many tasks as you want.

I have found it cheaper than a lot of competing solutions, I am about to start recommending we use it at work for project management because it's just so easy to work with versus clicking through 200 screens to make a task in Azure DevOps.

I've checked it out, It is quite good man, even the free version... It has almost everything I wanted, thanks a lot!

I might even pay the fee If the integrations are worth it :)


For me it depends on what I'm doing.

Personal task management: ClickUp
Personal software development projects: ClickUp
Professional software development: My preference would be JIRA (but it's expensive), otherwise ClickUp.
Open-source projects: Something that makes it easy for everyone to collaborate, such as GitHub projects.

I've tried a few programs in the past for different purposes, such as: Basecamp, Trello, Asana, Kanbanflow, JIRA, ClickUp, Todoist, and just writing tasks on my notes. ClickUp and JIRA have ended up being my favorite.


Thanks, man! It seems like ClickUp is quite good based on all comments.

I use Github for open source, this is more for personal use, so far ClickUp is doing the job quite well for me.


I find and promising solutions, depending on where your balance between functionality and ease-of-use is.


Thanks :) I will check clubhouse out as well.

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