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Open-DAW - Digital Audio Workstation online

nombrekeff profile image Manolo Edge ・1 min read

I opened a project in FindCollabs to search for people interested in helping me out, the project is still in research and planning stage, but if you like it or feel you could add something valuable to the project please check it out, and let me know what you think.

 Project description

Open DAW aims to be the Figma of Music Creation. There is no good online DAW, that is free, Open-Source and Collaborative.

If you are interested please check out: https://findcollabs.com/project/open-daw-uwYja8yhTsg8FC0Aqckp


Editor guide

What programming language?


Ideally JS, Web Assembly was suggested at one point also. It's also in its early research/prototyping phase, so ideas and suggestions will be taken into consideration!