Where can I ask for help for my Open Source projects?

nombrekeff profile image Manolo Edge ・1 min read

Hi there!

Where/how do you guys ask for help for your Open Source projects? I've been searching with no success.

I've got a couple of Javascript projects that could do with some help, and don't know how to look for contributors.

These are the projects in case any of you want to check them out:

Anyways, any help is appreciated!


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Hey look at findcollabs.com/

It's a platform for open source maintainers to look for collaborators.


Cool thanks, I'll check it out! That is exactly what I was looking for at first glance!


Hey, I ended up using findcollabs.com in the end, thanks for the recommendation.

Here is the project if anybody feels like checking it out: findcollabs.com/project/strif-Rrio...


Did it work?

There is an option to cross-post to dev.to as well, but this is a shame.


Ohh okay, yup that goes hand to hand with the lack of explanations and the introductory text.
They are not required functionalities needed to use the library, more like a layer on top that adds some functionality. I will add it to the explanations!

Thanks again for the help! This is one of the reasons I wanted to find some contributors, cause we developers can be blind about stuff in our projects, because we know our systems!

Thanks a lot man, that makes total sense! That really helps me better understand what I should explain in the intro, I will try answering those questions and add some more info.

It actually is not that dependent, but was created for it and later separated into its own repo/project, as I thought it could be useful for people, but didn't explain it in the repo.

Cheers man!

With weird syntax do you mean the template syntax '{message} {user.name}'? or the API itself?


You're right, I wanted to do it for a while, but didn't find the time to write it down.
I will try adding it this weekend!

In short, it is a string processing/formatting tool I made for my needs (string processing by segments), mostly for my other lib Loggin'JS.

I will post the intro/description here when I have it!


You could always post a DEV Listing? Or write a detailed post about what one of your projects does and link to the repo at the beginning or end?


Yup, I was thinking about this, but didn't know if it was ok. I might also do that then!


Can I ask what where the things that confused you or weren't clear?


I ended up setting up my projects on findcollabs.com, here is one of them if anybody is interested: findcollabs.com/project/strif-Rrio...

I will, I've been working on it a bit. Any more suggestions would be great and PRs would be really welcomed : )

I'll let you know when I have done the intro and improved the README a bit!