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Becoming a Developer at 39

Sr. Software Engineer working on line-of-business applications.
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Becoming a Software Developer at 39

I recently published a story on Medium entitled Becoming a Software Developer at 39. I wrote it in the hopes that someone contemplating a similar move might get some encouragement from it.

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James Lau • Edited

Thank you for posting this article. I have been in the front-end field specifically since 2009. It wasn't my initial choice, but since work was pretty much none during the 2008 crash, I had to switch.

The one part that connected with me the most was "had not become proficient enough in the programming language". We are always bombarded by successful stories, this was a breath of fresh air for me to hear failures. It's only human, it's only how we will ever learn. I am sure there are more than enough people who has been through this. I think it gives people hope because you shared your struggles.

I am glad to hear there are others who has changed fields even now. It gives me hope to continue. I might need to write my own article on my 10 year struggling (still struggling) with front-end development.