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Alex Pareja
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FCC: Product Landing Page

I took inspiration from one of my favorite video games, Elite Dangerous, and created a simple landing page for one of its fictional spaceship manufactures.

This one had me diving deep into CSS flex box. Starting to get the hang of how it works, when it helps and when it does not help. Despite the projects simplicity there was a lot of head scratching here, but it was worth it as the vision in my head slowly came together. I now understand all the jokes about centering a div. Who knew?

One thing Im taking away from this project is building a button. Instead of using button element I just used an anchor tag link, tossed it in a div, and built a button around that. Creatively speaking, I found it to be more cooperative than trying to style a button element. At least until Im better at styling buttons.

I recently bought CSS: The Definitive Guide by Eric Meyer & Estelle Weyl and needless to say it helped me a bit during this project, as it goes into some core mechanics behind flex.

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