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FCC: Technical Documentation Page

notalexpareja profile image Alex Pareja ・1 min read

Once again, drawing inspiration from Elite Dangerous, I turned FCCs tech doc about Javascript into a cockpit interface manual. Biggest take away here is that I really need to get better at understanding media queries. I bit off more than I can chew with the menu. I kinda copped-out with the responsiveness there, and FCCs example code did not work for my particular build.

I need to find a way, using HTML and CSS only, to hide and toggle the menu, or place it in a way that is still accessible to the user on a small screen, instead of just straight-up hiding the menu and forcing the end user to scroll. Perhaps the next shot I take ill try a mobile first approach.

I did, however, really enjoy laying out Elites "amber at night" color palette.


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