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Discussion on: What Makes an Environment Inclusive?

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notyoyoma • Edited

I would love to see more women in tech. I work in a male dominated office, and the culture and conversations are cringeworthy sometimes.

That being said, it's important to keep hiring and promotion decisions strictly objective. (Not biased towards or against either gender)

Immagine if, in your desire to advance females, you promoted an incompetent female instead of a competent male. Everyone who had to work under or with her would resent your "inclusive agenda". It would start to look a lot like nepotism.

I think some of the ideas Google has worked on in this area is a step in the right direction. Here's a podcast talking about it:

I particularly like applying the strength of the double-blind control method to hiring practices.

So to answer your question, IMO an inclusive environment is one with the brightest people, an open idea space, and a focus on scientific objectivity.

To foster that kind of environment, i have no idea. I'm glad that's not my job.

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Kim Arnett  Author

I'm glad that's not my job.

Same. lol

I agree - conversations can be so messy. Especially with 'locker room talk'. It has no place in the workplace.

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Or "locker room smells" ugh

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