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Sadisha Nimsara
Sadisha Nimsara

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Get pinned GitHub repositories as JSON

I saw a lot of people asking about how they can get pinned GitHub repositories as a JSON response. This can be done with GraphQL, but some of them are asking for a rest API solution. Fortunately, I found a solution for them.

Visit this site:

There you have your JSON response. Or else, you can just replace your Username in the following URL.
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This program was originally developed by @egoist.

For contributors: Source code

Top comments (4)

nacariored profile image
Redmund Nacario

Thanks for this. Really helpful!

mayrinkdotcom profile image
João Pedro Mayrink

I guess this endpoint might not be available anymore :p I've used it many months ago, but now it's not working anymore, and the same is happening with the website.

niklasbuse profile image
Niklas Buse

Hey, I found, that the URL is changed since 18th January to ""

sahibul_nf profile image
Sahibul Nuzul Firdaus

Thank you, it works 🚀