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Top 5 command line tools you should try


You've probably used grep before. ripgrep is like grep, just better. Faster, with nicer defaults, and more powerful!


I probably use fzf more than any other tool in this list. If you have a hard time remembering where you put this very important module in your codebase, just type fzf and it'll bring up a list of files that you can easily sift through


If you're working with JSON, you need to try jq. It allows you to parse, filter and transform any JSON file with an a simple query language.

less +F

You might have used less before. But did you know you could use it like tail --follow? less +F logfile will stream any new lines added to your log file! You can also filter the stream with & or pause it with Ctrl+C


If you're tired of having to run your test suite manually any time you update a file, try this: git ls-files | entr -c <command to run your tests>. It will run your command every time you update a file in your project.

Thanks for reading this far! Do you have any other cool command line tools that you think should have made this list?

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