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Nyoman Sunima
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5 Tips to improve your next UI Design project

Hey everyone, welcome to the first of my article I'm happy to see you're here.

Today I wanna share with you about some tips for designers especially for UI to improve the result of your design.

What's, What that mean. Yeah boy, I wanna share some tips to make your design look better, friendly, and cool 😍😍. This takes from my mistake when I jump into the design but don't worry the whole process will also increase your skill step by step.

Ok, without waiting any longer, Let's jump right into it.

1. Use Less Typography

Less Typhography

Ok, what's going on here. when I first time jumps into a design I feel so blank, with no idea, no topic in my mind. So I just let myself to design whatever I want to do and then pick many fonts maybe 3-5 fonts in my design project.

Avoid this mistake, Only use one typography in your design, and if the design is more complex you can add one font to your design.

This will help your design be more neat, clean, and less boilerplate, So think about this.

if you wanna the best free fonts for design, wait for the next post.

2. Limited Colors Palletes

Limited Colors Palletes

There are so many designers who add a lot of color to design but don't forget colors bring identity. only focusing on primary color don't let the main color disappear from your design.

In my case, I just use the main color for accent and primary. 1 color for background, 2 colors for text, and some supported colors like success, danger, warning.

3. Give More Space

Give More Space

Letting your design too close is a mistake. If you wanna get a better design use more space in your design component, assets, and text.

Why?, I don't think so !. Ok, let me explain.
with enough space, your eye will enable to process the main object you wanna appear and will easily see the main focus in your design. This means, the design will be user-friendly and you got the purpose.

4. Keep concistency

Keep concistency

Consistency ?, What?
Yes, I don't wanna debate with this one, but you should do this. no matter how good you create a design, picking color, take typography, and UX research. Please make sure your design is consistent.

Example: When you create a post card on the home screen and add around padding 16px and the color white, after that you create one again, again, and again the same card but without the same padding (you may pick 20px). This will make your design inconsistent, the impact will make your design like trash.

So the best way to do this is to create a component, style, and colors component. if you are interested in this topic, the next article will discuss more components, and style.

5. Less is More

Less is More

Keep your object under control, don't let your design full with unnecesary object like too much text, icon, button, and other boilerplates.

In my experience, to make a clean, neat and friendly design need a less object into your design. I dont wanna to teaching you, but trust me use just needed info text, color, and object into your design will help it better.

Ok, just that the tips today i wanna share with you all dude. If you had and idea, or suggest for the next article please give your comment.

Sonibble will release twice article a week, so stay tune to get update. In the end i wanna say "Don't let your self become noob 😙😙"

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