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Rod Fetalvero
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Hacktoberfest2021 Journey

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First experience in Hacktoberfest

There was a Digital Ocean meeting a long time ago. It was introduced to the event by the speaker.


I'm a Software Engineer who loves open source technology. Java and a little javascript are used in coding. I play video games when I'm not working. I love music and I play instruments like guitar and bass.


It is quite challenging because the review of my PR's are quite too long to be accepted and some has no labels. I decided to contribute project's that are implemented in Spring Framework after working on snippets for the first week. Most of my contributions are focused on code quality and unit test.


  1. DVHacktoberfest-
  2. Stockshare -
  3. provider/hackerrank -
  4. iedcbootcampcec/Hacktoberfest21-letshack -
  5. mansiparashar/springboot-mongodb -
  6. ninjaarun/SpringFramework -
  7. GregorioPM/Spring-Rest -
  8. tino097/awesome-spring-boot-rest-api -


I also participate in maintaining a repo I focus on java snippets that can be used in a real world application.


Well, its FUN. Looking forward to participating next year.

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