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Why is everyone upgrading their UA and PP?

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I have seen notifications on Quora and Reddit suggesting me that they are upgrading their User Agreement and Privacy Policy, why is everyone doing that?

Does it have any bad implications on us users and also what correlation does it have with the development of such site on backend? if someone can explain this, that would help me explain the Net Neutrality thing from a software developer's perspective

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It's not about net neutrality, it's because of the new GDPR regulation in the European Union which is the law effective from today.

The basics of GDPR are: explicit consent and the possibility to have your data deleted by the service (right to be forgotten). The law is amazing from my perspective but it requires a bit of work by businesses (which they knew well in advance :D).

If you want all the details:


which they knew well in advance :D

Two fucking years, to be precise, considering it was adopted on 14th April 2016 with the two year transition period and yet it seems some businesses only started to care on 1st May 2018. :D


To be fair there is more than a few vague items in the regulation that make it difficult to implement for some businesses. For example it's unclear how disaster recovery can effectively be used to restore systems without breaking the law or how long logs can be archived without violating "without undue delay".

Even today as the law goes into effect, it's still unclear how processors outside the EEA are supposed to act. A client and their team of lawyers has been trying hash that out for a couple months now.

Yeah, some issues are really practical, I guess we'll know when the first lawsuits will start :(


Because, as of today, the new General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union is in effect. It has nothing to do with net neutrality. It gives people residing in the EEA (EU + Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland) more control over their personal data. :)

Some companies apply the EUs rules to all of their users (reddit, Facebook (broadly speaking :D), ...), some decided to (temporarily) lock out all users with EU IP's (¯\_(ツ)_/¯), some apply GDPR for EU residents only.


Ohhh this was raised here in Indian media too a month back, but here we are so much busy to pull each others leg out with World's biggest scam of Aadhar card (like SSN social security number in USA) I think is EU is really stepping up their standards.

You response was the only thing I was able to understand. Thank you so much and sorry to others


I also found this YouTube video from FreeCodeCamp channel out there, I hope it helps others as well

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