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Beto Muniz
Beto Muniz

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Proxy Pattern in JavaScript

Just a catch up about how the Proxy object works on JavaScript to allow us to implement Proxy patterns.

📌 JavaScript's Proxy object allows us to intercept and modifies any JavaScript object.

📌 JavaScript's Proxy object is an elegant and safe way for creating or extending libraries, caching, error handling, and complex data manipulation on JavaScript.

const obj = {a: 1, b: 2};

const arrProxy = new Proxy(obj, {
  get: function (item, property) {
    if (item.hasOwnProperty(property)) return item[property];

    return "default value";

arrProxy.z; // "default value"
arrProxy.a; // 1
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💡 What are the use cases that you most liked to use such a JavaScript feature?

📚 Still, for a detailed API spec of Proxy's object in JavaScript, take a look in the MDN docs.

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