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October 18 2019

Okay, I've been in the hot seat for a few days now, and I am FOR SURE sharing this experience with all of you!
I have had a rewarding learning experience and an uncomfortable one, and I find great value in both of those things.
My ability to stretch out and reach past my comfort zone has been surprising and has helped fuel my confidence to move forward.
I built my own small business website through godaddy a few years back but only dealt with the user end.
I had the silly misconception that experience would help me build my own personal portfolio.
It did not.
I was paralyzed with a gazillion pages of code when I copied my pretty, easy-to-build web code into my VS Code.
Ok, so apparently I am diving into the middle of the ocean here, time to learn to float.
I have always had a way of learning by making the biggest mess first and working thru it.
"Good", I thought, as I was trying to highlight and delete a million lines of code that belonged to TWO pictures, "I found a way to do this in true April Spirit after all"
And onward I marched.
I poured through the code, barely comprehending only a fraction of what I observed, and I made the changes I KNEW I had to make, while also knowing this would only be the beginning of that.
Now I have a site, styled the way I want it styled, and I have a heck of a learning project ahead of me!
I find myself wondering, Should I start over?
Is this too big to start out with?
Am I even doing this to curriculum standards?
While I know, this is likely far more complicated than just writing my own simple code, I have gained such a great sense of understanding thru this process that I am practically giddy.
With something I started basically knowing NOTHING, to now, actually starting to have ideas of how I can make something work has really tickled my learning bone.
I am so grateful to those businesses and individuals that took their time this week to reach out to us, give us the Oklahoma Tech intro and extend their hands to our learning process.
I am forever thankful, and look forward to being able to offer my own time and experience to future CTRL+SHIFT Code School students, and people coming into the tech world in general.

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Katie Nelson

That sounds amazing! I'm so happy it's such a great experience for you. It sounds like you're going to really excel at it. Good Luck April.