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I like to think of it in terms of art. Sometimes I just draw or make something because I enjoy the process of making art. I love the idea that if I practice I will get better. I think the same can be said for coding. It’s more of the process of learning and the prospect of that maybe being a stepping stone for something else later down the line. The end result is not always money but just a jump in your development. May I ask what you’re about to learn?


AI Predictive Modelling/Blockchain but also more front end tech as well.

Classic DEV Post from Jun 5

Are we "developers" gatekeeping "knowledge" from our juniors and peers? 🀦

The subconscious role we "senior developers" play, in preventing the spread of knowledge without us realizing. And stifling the growth of all around us.

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Crazy about business with tech

Better understand your code.