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Apologies for a meme-post, but this little snippet struck me even after 30yrs of programming and seems appropriate to 'hard vs. easy' :

I think it's also a useful to realise that the specific tech you code with now might be useless in a few years (no matter how good you are with it or how easy/hard you find it) - and to be comfortable with that. But the ways you learned it, the way you figured out the problems and how to solve them - that's the really valuable part.

I can still remember things like the base address of the SID chip on the Commodore 64, various bits of assembly hacks for the Atari, Turbo Pascal features etc - which are unlikely to be called on any time soon ;-). But the 'things I learned while learning' them are still immensely valuable in my day-to-day work.

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