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I got hook...

into "Hooks"


I found out that hooks are simple and easy to use without having a prior knowledge in constructor, binding and other javascript concepts before you finally meet React and learn it!

With "Hooks" you can just dive into the React itself by just simply just knowing the basics of the Pancake (HTML, CSS, JS). And this is what I would prefer to learn for My older self if He asks Me the "Which is which" question.

If you are a beginner in React and reading this.
Remember this:

I envy you. 😈
just kidding...

You know why?

Because "Hooks" saves you from peeling out the layers of onion concepts in javascript.

So Good Luck! if you are just starting in React you got a good starting point with "hooks" right there.

I also recommend you to learn more of Javascript concepts instead of just React. :)

Here is a links of resources if you want to learn hooks:
React Today and Tomorrow and 90% Cleaner React With Hooks
Introducing Hooks (from the official React docs)

If you have any feedback, please feel welcome to leave a comment below.


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Gilad Tsehori

Not too long ago, I started learning React and developing with it, by reading the official docs. I found it easier to learn and digest the concepts with the "old" classes rather than Hooks.
I'll guess that other developers feel the same; it's not that Hooks are bad (they're awesome!), but it's a different mindset. 😁