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Build invoices based on Wunderlist

The last 8 years I am working on contracts on remote and for the clients that are charging by hours, it would require to send invoices hourly every 2 weeks. I was trying to use the different applications for invoicing but then moved away and used google docs to build it.

Then I found Wunderlist, nice todo list application. I created Shopping and TODO lists and started to use daily. as result it became like a habit for me to write there. I decided that it would be awesome to track my hours there as well.

Example format for task hours:

<hours> hours TASK-1
<minutes> minutes TASK-2
<days> days TASK-3
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After month I decided to download this list and calculate hours that spent for the month. As result I did the script for downloading the hours report into csv file.

import wunderpy2

from dateutil import parser
from datetime import date
from csv import writer


def __build_hour(task):
        dict(title='1 hour CORE-1234')
        dict(title='5 hours CORE-4321')
        dict(title='1 minute CORE-1234')
    columns = task['title'].strip().split(' ')
    time, measure, task_id = columns
    if measure == 'hour' or measure == 'hours':
        hours = float(time)
    elif measure == 'minute' or measure == 'minutes':
        hours = float(time) / 60
    elif measure == 'day' or measure == 'days':
        hours = 24 * float(time)
        raise 'unknown measure from the task title: ' + task['title']

    return dict(

def __main__():
    api = wunderpy2.WunderApi()
    client = api.get_client(ACCESS_TOKEN, CLIENT_ID)
    board = [l for l in client.get_lists() if l['title'] == PROJECT_BOARD][0]
    active_tasks = [t for t in client.get_tasks(board['id']) if not t['completed']]
    report = [__build_hour(task) for task in active_tasks]

    estimated_earnings = sum([task['hours'] for task in report]) * HOUR_RATE

    with open(f"report-{}.csv", 'w+') as f:
        w = writer(f)
        rows = [[task['task_id'], task['hours'], task['created_at'].date()]
                for task in report]

    for task in active_tasks:
        client.update_task(task['id'], task['revision'], completed=True)

    # TODO: make monthly output report to pdf file based on created_at field.

if __name__ == '__main__':

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