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Proper web research - The new superpower of 2020

Lately I've gotten a decent amount of questions on how I achieve certain things and when my response goes like "I just Googled it" it's often perceived as a joke or some sort of "whining".

Personally I've been able to achieve a lot just by looking it up on a search engine. A couple of days back I was approached by a client who asked me to build a sales funnel (Something I had never heard of before 😔). But I told him I could do it 😂.

Here are a couple of things I feel helps one to solve complicated problems

There is life beyond the first page of Google

Most developers and people in general have this issue when it comes to extensive web research and if you're being honest with yourself, you're guilty as well.

Well in as much as the results on the first page has reviews and 60% of the times we tend to find what we are looking for on the first page of Google
But in a case where you can't find it on the first page, Don't go to bed, there are tons of other pages that may have what you're looking for.

Use the Keyword 'How to ....'

As we all know, Google and other search engines are a large marketplace for knowledge. So you might want to be a little bit specific, i mean search engines don't read minds.

So starting your search with the phrase 'How to ' kind of filters out all the noise out on the internet which at the end gives you a more accurate set of answers.

Stack Overflow is not only Senior Developers

I know this one is a little bit off but i know a reasonable amount of Junior developers think that their problems are too 'simple' to be on stack overflow.

So a small note the the junior developers out there, your HTML and CSS problems have answers on stack overflow. I mean senior Devs were once junior Devs so there is a high chance they had the same challenge(s) at a point in their development journey. So never be scared or ashamed on asking certain questions on stack overflow.

I hope you found this read helpful, you can hop over to your favorite search engine and try out your new superpower and don't forget to leave a ❤️

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uma victor

Wow. Nice one.
Googling gives you superpowers indeed.😂