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Beginning At The Beginning Of The Beginning

I am new. Not just to, but to the developer world, in general. I have no formal background in CS, and no genuine experience in it. I am starting. I have heard/read many thing about self-taught devs taking courses at/in Udemy, utilizing khan Academy, and EdX (I, too, briefly took CS50x via EdX but life complications came up, and I had to drop it).

So I will get to the point - if you had three (or perhaps more) suggestions on where to start with Web development (I know a bit of HTML, CSS, but feel I must learn JS), where would those places/resources be?

Such as:

  • online courses
  • must-read books for starting in Web development
  • general advice

Thank you for your responses :)

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Ben Lovy • Edited


Honestly, finish this one. I've never found a better free resource. For JS specifically, Wes Bos creates high-quality courseware.

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I agree. It was very helpful just a few weeks into it and I found myself making a Pong game in Scratch 2 and learning (some of) Git right off the bat. I am going to start this one afresh again, soon I hope! Thank you!