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Updating your LinkedIn part2

In this article Im going to present tips about how to present some of the important parts of your LinkedIn profile (for the general tips on how to edit your whole profile please read my previous article Updating your LinkedIn part1).


Here is some strategy you can follow while writing your Headline:

  • you are going after job role you want or already have
  • use your market analyses keywords (to get keywords, you need to analyse 5-10 similar positions and write down 10-20 frequently used words - that's how i did that :)
  • make it eye-catching and intriguing
  • should be no more than 120 characters

Headline Formula could be like this (example):

  1. Desired role or title:
    • Frontend Developer
  2. What you will do in keywords:
    • CSS, HTML, JavaScript, React, Angular
  3. What are you looking for:
    • Seeking entry level position in Boston
  4. Optional
    • use compelling numbers (ex. generated over $100m with my software)


Here is some strategy you can follow while writing your Summary:

  • update with your resume
  • should be no more than 75 characters
  • add symbols (you can find comprehensive list of symbols to copy and paste anywhere in your profile - use them!)
  • add media (to profile, experience, education)


  • bootcamps/ courses/ other:
    • write summary
    • mention skills learned
    • add links to projects


  • its important to have skills listed (pick up top 3)
  • ask people to endorse your skills at least at the beginning
  • good to have 10-15 skills listed


Always add more to your profile! :

  • languages
  • certifications
  • accomplishments
  • volunteer work etc.

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