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Updating your LinkedIn part1

LinkedIn is one of the easiest ways to market yourself and build a network, and the majority of recruiters use it to some extent. If you haven’t optimized your profile, you’ll go unnoticed in many searches and you’ll miss out on many interactions, which are crucial to building a network.

Here are some of tips you might find useful.

First - what you Cannot have:

  • mismatch of information from your LinkedIn and resume
  • old data
  • broken links
  • grammar mistakes

Second - what you should Have/ Make/ Edit:

  • set your profile to public
  • select job seeking
  • set your location
  • set your commute preferences
  • set your account settings (what industry, what you are looking for, your dashboard)
  • edit your public profile (show profile photo, background picture, headline, websites, summary, current experience, details, projects, recommendations)
  • update your contact information (current location, websites of your profile page, blog, github, twitter etc)
  • update intro

Third - order your LinkedIn section:

  • current positions
  • education
  • volunteer experience
  • skill endorsements

This is pretty much all you have to work on. In my next blog posts I will go in details about Headline strategy.

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