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6 Industries Multimedia and Animation Technology Is Changing

Multimedia and especially animation have held a very special place in our day to day lives without us even realizing much about it.

Whether through markings in a cave in Stone Age, through shadow play across three millennia or through magic lanterns since as early as the 17th century, animation has always been a part of the rich world history in one form or the other.

We have come a long way from the markings in the cave to having made progressions into the digital form and now moving into holography (projection of holograms, 3D view of an object which is visible to the naked eye).

Multimedia comprises of all the elements that quickly help in capturing human attention. This power of captivation facilitates application into many specialized fields. Animation has been an element that is not only employed as a tool of representation but has integrally helped these fields evolve and simplify many aspects of the domain.

Let us appraise a few of such industries where Animation and Multimedia have come to stay:

1). Education: Chalks, markers with black, and whiteboards have long dominated the learning, development, and classroom sessions. With the aid of books and at times, projected slide shows, learning has lacked the proper visualization of objects through a 2D medium. However, with the acceptance of training modules prepared with multimedia elements, this inadequacy has been overcome as well. With the advent of Virtual Reality and incorporation of animation in it, simulation training has leaped to a very advanced stage. Such interactive modules have given a new dimension to learning.

2). Advertising: Animation is at the core of modern-day advertising. Product-based animations have proved to be visually appealing and profitable. Showcasing values and identity through creative animated advertisements has been highly effective that work well on television, as well as the internet, and are well-liked by audiences. Associating an animated character or a mascot can impart more recognisability as in the case of many world-renowned brands. Viewers have well-perceived use of Cel animation in advertisements, and it also creates a lasting impact.

3). Entertainment: One of the essential uses of animation has been in the entertainment industry. Animation has been a useful tool in story-telling on celluloid and lets the creator do wonders with its imagination and conjure an unreal world that almost seems magical. With a great liking towards movies involving CGI and VFX, animation has become inseparable from the movie industry. Many creators also make intriguing opening credits to give more appeal and general introduction of the movie.

4). Gaming: Animation is the soul of video games and is fundamental to it. Unlike movies, animation is not just required but is central to video gaming. Due to its interactive nature, animation is needed to be of the highest quality when it comes to gaming. The execution and quality of animation directly impact the success of a video game. Astounding visuals are one of the critical ingredients of a successful video game as people gravitate more towards the one that are aesthetically pleasing.

5). Marketing: Animation brings creativity and the power of imagination to a marketing campaign and helps the demonstration of a product in a very realistic manner. Use of animation in marketing not only enhances the visual appeal but with an emotionally stimulating, can also help keep the audience engaged. A properly produced video with an interactive animation can exponentially grow a brand’s audience. In a digital world where users share a lot of content on social media, a captivating piece of promotional animation can do wonders for a brand.

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6). Architecture and Engineering: From representing an architects' view of a structure in a 3D animation model to an engineer designing a machine component, animation has proved that it has applications beyond just preparing stimulating content and is highly beneficial in these areas. Animation provides a realistic view of an architectural project along with its surrounding even before construction initiates. Similarly, assemblies, configuration, mode of operation, and working of machine components for mechanical products also get represented through animation.

Multimedia and animation has become an integral part of our life that we cannot even begin to define life without it, let alone experiencing it. The top multimedia & animation companies help brands develop engaging content that can visually enrich the viewers experience while delivering the core message directly or even subliminally. Irrespective of the industry, skillful use of multimedia will garner more attention and impart more brand-awareness to a firm. The right creative animators by your side will assist you in visualizing your imagination onto a digital screen.

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