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Henlo, Warld!

Alex Esoposting
A student eager to learn anything except from things taught at school, huge brainfuck fan, author of 1.5 esolangs and lover of everything niche, useless and fun.
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Greetings fellow humans! It is I, Alex (AKA olus2000), and I bring you freedom from professional, well documented and commented, enterprise-grade coding. On this blog I create the ugly, the useless, the overcomplicated and the bodged!

A serious note

The only one

I'm a college student from Poland who prefers to watch youtube than learn. My experience with programming started with LOGO in primary school but I quickly switched to Python3 which is now my primary language of choice, both for work and quick projects. I'm currently studying computer science.

My esoteric background

The interesting part starts here

I heard about brainfuck when I was 14, but it wasn't until high school that I found a fellow esolang enjoyer who has shown me the vast world of esolang wiki with all its glorious languages and concepts of self-interpreters, quines or using an esolang as machine code. I've been looking through the wiki ever since, though I'm still only fluent in brainfuck. I'm also a frequent user of an esoteric game engine - a fantasy console PICO-8, and an esoteric human language - minimalistic conlang toki pona.

What to expect

Basically nothing in particular

I make a choice of what to work on based on a very arbitrary notion of "fun". If I deem something "fun" I think about it and come up with dumb ideas using it. To this day "fun" things included: brainfuck, writing interpreters, making a microprocessor, minimalism, toki pona and balanced numbering systems among others.

There's no way to predict what's the next "fun" thing. I can only assure you it will be in no way useful whatsoever. Be warned though - not every post will be directly connected to IT. If I find a cool mathematical or linguistic concept I want to share I will not hesitate to do it.

Previous notable work

See also: future posts

I have a literal couple of projects that I made this blog to share: a constructed language based on toki pona grammar and two implementations of my custom brainfuck variant. I will be posting about this for some time, and hopefully I will have another project in mind when I run out of stuff to say about these two.

I also did a speedrun of coding "Snake". Can we make this a thing? Anyone?

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