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Debug multiple bugs with vsCode without losing breakpoints

Sometimes a bug is so stubborn, you have to put it on hold and do something else.
So, if you're using vsCode to debug your issue, you're going to lose those breakpoints if you start debugging something else.

And that's where my new vsCode extension come into the picture.

It lets you have as many breakpoint flows as you want, while allowing you to seamlessly switch between them, with all their info like location, expression, messages, etc. You could even track them with your favorite source control tools such as git.

The extension is live on vsCode marketplace, you can install it by typing the following into the command palette:

ext install OmarDulaimi.breakpoint-bookmarks

Or by searching for it from the Extensions menu: Breakpoint Bookmarks

Contributions are welcomed :)

Extension page:

How extension works

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Shai Almog

Very interesting!

JetBrains IDEs have a concept of breakpoint grouping which lets you achieve something similar. You can create groups of breakpoints in a collapsible hierarchy and toggle the group as a whole. Very powerful. You can also name/describe a breakpoint so you can keep track when switching debug sessions on the fly.

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Omar Dulaimi

That seems like a nice feature. I would love to check it out and hopefully bring it to the vsCode world too. Thank you for you insightful comment.