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When you are a Junior Developer

Its my first try for writing a blog and documenting my journey . So , it's been six months after I came out as freshly grad having a degree in CS and entered into this world of development .

It's been wonderful journey so far and following are some things/tips which i learned along the way :-


As a fresher , you have to understand that there many things which you might not have learned in college , but you get to know them now . It maybe some coding conventions , the logic part or some coding terminology .
I would suggest you to learn those things , because these things are going to help you in long run. Learn from senior developers around you , see how they write a logic for a particular problem , see from there perspective rather than yours . Learn how they debug a problem ,see what shortcuts they are using which might be helpful.

Ask Questions

If you get stuck somewhere while doing the development or the assigned task , ask for other devs near you for help .Don't be shy . You are fresher, so they don't expect that you know everything . The dev community which I have noticed are always willing to help . So ask , don't hesitate

Don't Be Narrow Minded , Open Mind is all you want

Many people or to be specific junior devs mostly get stuck with one logic that they think is simple to implement. Rather thinking for simple logic, think how efficient your logic will be in long run. Be open for alternatives . Have an open mind

Dont Panic if don't understand the flow

Sometimes the projects are big , so to understand the overall flow it takes time. Don't panic and think you don't know anything . Give yourself some time , things will start falling into the place.

Value your time as well as Value others time

Lastly value your time . When you go to ask for help , be specific with your questions Because the person your asking might have a busy schedule , still that person is finding some time to help you, Appreciate that .

I think that's enough from my side . If you have any more points to add from your side , feel free to do so .

Always welcome for suggestions and feedback .

Happy Coding ! 👨‍💻

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