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Best resources for software engineering

People often say that software engineers ‘ job is to solve problems. But strong in tech in not enough, you can’t just sit in the front of the screen all day pressing buttons, there are more to know in this profession. Things like activities, interview preparation, getting inspiration, avoiding burnout, knowing salary and career steps, blogging all affect your life to some degrees.

The internet is a big library of resources, here is my humble list to help you get started.


Playbook 🎠

Some companies have playbook telling about how they and their engineering practices work

Activities 🏃

Having some fun activities at work is door opener for an active workplace and take some breaks from daily boring tasks.

  • Future Fridays Each Friday, we give ourselves permission to suspend our usual work

  • ShipIt 24 hours to innovate

  • Peer Lab Foster a collaborative learning environment where everyone feels fulfilled.

  • Investment Time On Fridays, we have “investment time” when we learn new tools and techniques, work on open source, create new products, write blog posts, and try to make ourselves, each other, and the community better.

  • Sharing Session Weekly internal sharing sessions that both enable and empower our developers, designers and business development teams alike in expanding both technical and non-technical knowledge through mutual learning

  • The Lab It has become an important place to learn making new stuff, test emerging technologies and build fun things.

Perks 🛰

If you are treated unfairly in salary, you will be treated unfairly in many other ways.

Blogs 🎢

Reading, or better, writing, a blog is a great way to keep you updated.

Career Steps 🏇

Learn what people expect you at the next step.



It’s never too late

Code Review


Engineering Manager

Bookshelf 📕

Course 📚

Event ✈️

Practice 🏋️









  • Slack List A handpicked selection of top Slack communities

Startup 🥊




Clean Code


Design Patterns



Clean Architecture

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Discussion (5)

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Matthew Salamon

For a new comers to software development, worth having a look at for some useful tips of how to start learning

juankortiz profile image

This is a golden list. Thanks!

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w4rrenmenson • Edited on

Thanks for these resources! I found a lot of things that will be useful even for experienced software developers. Especially this article about Unmaintainable Code, I gonna share my it with my friends. By the way, this blog article about mobile apps is also very detailed, cause this is the website of a professional app development company. I always interested in mobile backend and project planning, so if this gonna be interesting for all developers.