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How to deal with weak in closure in Swift

Traditionally we need to if let to strongSelf

addButton.didTouch = { [weak self] in
        let strongSelf = self,
        let product = strongSelf.purchasedProduct()
    else {

    strongSelf.delegate?.productViewController(strongSelf, didAdd: product)

This is cumbersome, we can invent a higher order function to zip and unwrap the optionals

func with<A, B>(_ op1: A?, _ op2: B?, _ closure: (A, B) -> Void) {
    if let value1 = op1, let value2 = op2 {
        closure(value1, value2)

addButton.didTouch = { [weak self] in
    with(self, self?.purchasedProduct()) {
        $0.delegate?.addProductController($0, didIncrease: $1)

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