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All about spring boot initializer | Onurdesk

Spring Initializr provides a simple and intuitive web UI for creating and configuring and generating a Spring-based application. This tool makes it easier for developers to create an initial project framework without thinking about the framework and dependencies of the project. The High-Level Spring Initializr tools take care of the following points for every Spring-based application.
⦁ Project structure.
 ⦁ Dependencies needed to start work.
 ⦁ Build a script (Maven or Gradle) to build your application.
 ⦁ Language and version (Initializr adds the correct version-based dependencies)
 ⦁ packaging (war or jar)
Spring Initializr is available on the web, most of the IDEs have built-in integration with the Initializr.

Please click this for the complete tutorial

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