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Understand Micro and macro architecture decisions in 11 steps | Onurdesk | Microservices

In this article, we’ll study some key decisions and at what architecture level, micro or macro, they should be taken.
Microservices provide technological isolation. Therefore, it is possible to extend the concept of micro and macro architecture to technical decisions.
For deployment monoliths, these decisions, inevitably, must be implemented globally.
So, only for microservices, technical decisions can be made within the framework of macro or microarchitecture. However, some decisions have to be part of the macro architecture. Otherwise, the integration will be compromised.

  • Micro and macro architecture decisions
  • [Programming languages, frameworks, and infrastructure
  • Database
  • User interface
  • Documentation
  • Typical macro architecture decisions
  • Communication protocol
  • Authentication
  • Integration
  • Typical micro architecture decisions
  • Authorization
  • Testing
  • Some more decisions point of micro and macro architecture
  • Configuration
  • Monitoring
  • Log Analysis
  • Deployment Technology
  • Macro architecture operation with separate operations teams
  • Standardize only technologies!
  • Testing the operation macro architecture
  • “You build it, you run it”: operation as microarchitecture
  • Operation as a whole is micro or macro architecture
  • Macro architecture decisions: Best practices and advice

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