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YuKiO | 個人開発&Flutter学習中
YuKiO | 個人開発&Flutter学習中

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【Flutter】Recommended package used in the developed memo application


I am a Japanese smartphone app developer.

I released a smartphone app "IdeaMemo iX" at the end of June.

IdeaShuffleMemo is a memo app to create good ideas.
This app has three functions to support idea generation.

  • Shuffle Memo
  • Pickup Past Memo
  • Idea Hint Word

These three features will help you discover great ideas.
You will have great creativity.
If you use this app, you will have great creativity.

for iOS(App Store US)

for Android(Google Play US)

This app was created using Flutter.

In this article, I will introduce the recommended Flutter packages used in the development of IdeaShuffleMemo.


This package can easily manipulate the database.
Moor has a good manual. If you look at it, there is no


This package can easily display fancy dialogs.
It's also easy to customize.

However, the dialog does not disappear automatically.
I needed to add code.
The code is shown on the following page. (※Japanese)
Alt Text


This package can add more icons.
In my case, the material icon was not enough.

Usually you will need to upload an image if you want to use the Google logo.

If you use font_awesome_flutter, you can easily display the Google logo with an icon.


This package can use the vibration function of the smartphone.

During the processing of the app, I worry that my smartphone is unresponsive. "Is it working?"

If you use vibrate, you will be able to vibrate the process of processing.


I wanted to implement the features unique to smartphones.
It is shaking the smartphone.

If you use this package, you can execute the process when you shake your smartphone.


This package can easily make the tutorial screen of the first start.

How was this article?

If you're struggling with the idea of ​​apps and web services, this app will be a good help.

I would be very happy if you downloaded my App.

thank you for reading.

for iOS(App Store US)

for Android(Google Play US)

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