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OpenNMS Horizon 25.2.0 (Biscuit Dumpling) Released

Release 25.2.0 is the fifth release in the Horizon 25 series.

It contains a number of bug fixes including a performance fix for topology updating, and an enhancement to the sink API to persist to disk when the Minion can’t reach the broker.

The codename for 25.2.0 is Biscuit Dumpling.

  • changing GUI date/timeformat breaks requisition update/import date/time display (Issue NMS-12428)
  • Inefficient locking in the TopologyUpdater class (Issue NMS-12443)
  • MIB Compiler fails with Null Pointer Exception (Issue NMS-12459)
  • The Karaf poller:test command is not location aware (Issue NMS-12460)
  • NPE while compiling a MIB (Issue NMS-12472)
  • Sink API: Persistent Off-Heap Storage (Issue NMS-10586)

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