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OpenNMS Meridian 2018.1.14 (Earthquate) Released

Benjamin Reed
Developer at OpenNMS by day, member of SIBR and the Seattle Garages by night.
Originally published at on ・1 min read

Release 2018.1.14 is a small update to 2018.1.13 that fixes a few bugs including a fix to syslog date parsing, Drools fixes, and a few other changes.

The codename for 2018.1.14 is Earthquake.

  • Syslog incorrect dates being parsed into database (Issue NMS-10605)
  • Cannot use poller:poll karaf command with WsManMonitor through Minions (Issue NMS-12365)
  • Upstream Drools Bug: From with modify fires unexpected rule (Issue NMS-12367)
  • “Page Not Found” in alarm-list when choosing number of alarms in dropdown-list (Issue NMS-12379)
  • Elasticsearch event forwarder manipulates in-flight event (Issue NMS-12390)

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