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Freelance Software Consulting Contract [TEMPLATE]

The first major hurdle to signing my first customer was drafting a consulting agreement that fit my needs. The few free templates available online either felt too restrictive for the developer or didn't seem robust enough to offer real assurance for either party.

Below is a template version of the agreement I use with freelance customers. It is a 30 day agreement that automatically renews.
Custom Software Consulting Agreement [template]

Some features of this contract include:

  • terms of payment
    • invoicing on the 1st and 15th
    • expected payment within 15 days of invoice
    • expectations about invoice disputes
    • late fees
  • expectations about acceptance testing
  • limited liability for developer
  • terms of termination
  • use of software for reference in personal sales and marketing
  • protections for customer
    • ownership of software
    • intellectual property
    • confidentiality

Please download and modify to meet your needs and feel free to suggest edits or comment in the google doc :)

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