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Austin King (he/him)
Austin King (he/him)

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Why is learning Kubernetes so Intimidating?

During customer interviews, while I was building OpsDrill, I was shocked by something. Very talented DevOps folks were having a hard time learning Kubernetes.

“I’ve been dragging my feet on learning”

“I’ve started and given up 3 times”

“I don’t know where to start, afraid it will mess up my laptop”

“It’s overwhelming”

I was relieved to hear this as I also found it intimidating.

There is a lot of great free tutorials out there, but some of it feels like jumping straight into “Kubernetes 301: PhD in Containerology”.

(Kubernetes the Hard Way I’m looking at you. An amazing resource, but a very steep on-ramp for busy DevOps folks.)

In the past I’ve built games for learning as well as spaced repetition apps for helping to memorize materials. Would you be interested in

  • An adventure game
  • Played 15 minutes a day
  • Using real Kubernetes commands
  • To really, finally, learn Kubernetes?

Pirates of the Kubernetes mockup of a game played with real kubernetes commands

Pirates of the Kubernetes waitlist for early access

Join at

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