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New Domains for Developers


Since this is our first post on we may as well introduce ourselves. We're Onepixel, a development collective that doesn't really specialize in anything, we just try and create what comes our way! Our membership includes a total of 6 staff / developers working around the clock in multiple timezones.

Anyway, let's get to the core meaning of this post...

We've just launched a new subdomain service for developers that want a funny but short subdomain to promote whatever you want (with some restrictions)! You can now get a subdomain like To be honest, I probably should at some point but this is more fun!


Request a subdomain for yourself or your project.

How to Request

Submit a PR with a file in subdomains/<domain>/<subdomain>.json. The format is as follows (don't include comments):

    "type": "", // record type (A, AAAA, CNAME, etc.)
    "value": "", // the value of the record (IP if A, domain if CNAME, etc.)
    "proxied": true // if the record should be proxied by Cloudflare
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Once the PR is accepted, your domain will be automatically issued. We'll give you any help you need with your record, if any.

Available Domains


Getting a subdomain is free. Everyone loves free things, right? If you want to, you can also donate to the project. An option for this is on the GitHub repo. We aim for subdomains to remain free and we'll also be progressively expanding the range of domains you can access.

If you want a subdomain just go ahead and visit the GitHub repository! If this post gets a nice reception our Chief Technical Officer will publish a post talking about the technical side of the automated domain issuance system!

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