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My First Hacktobetfest Experience🎸 (2020)

My experience from my first Hactoberfest,

For a while I wanted to participate in an open-source project but didn't know where to start. When I found out about the Hacktoberfest it was perfect for me to make my first steps into the open-source world.


I'm a Junior web developer and as mentioned before, just got into open-source.


I managed to find more than 4 projects I could contribute to, to be honest most of them were aimed at beginners.


  1. interview-prep: added answer to interview question about virtual DOM in react.
    I'm currently preparing for interviews so it was also a good practice.

  2. github-langs: fixed css link colors.
    unfortunately someone made a pull-request before i did

  3. RollTheDice: a Javascript game, I just added a snapshot to the README file.

  4. JS concepts examples: added an example file to Closure. Again was a good practice.

  5. Canvas-Creations: Added simple canvas animation. Learned about HTML canvas for the first time.

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It was a great experience and I learned alot about working with github and open-source. Next year I will contribute more meaningful code.

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